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Marijuana Business Consulting:

Marijuana Consulting Group is a tenured team of business consultants, who possess industry insights to help you Launch, Sustain, and Grow your marijuana start-up. As an emerging industry, innovations are constantly evolving, and we ensure you are apprised of all advancements.

Launching a cannabis cultivation start-up requires more than the desire to capitalize on the growing cannabis industry, but also business-savvy and industry-specific expertise. Marijuana Consulting Group supports you from concept to realization. We alert you to the roadblocks you have yet to consider. We support you as your medical marijuana business continues to grow and evolve.

Turn to the tenured team at MCG to help you build a solid foundation of success, a foundation that allows you to pursue your passion for growing medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis available to those in need of alternative medicine. You can pursue a career equally rewarding and profitable. Let us help you get there!

The cannabis industry is an emerging industry, and quality products are in high demand, but that does not mean your cannabis start-up will be a success. While you need to learn the ins and outs of planting, growing, harvesting, and processing, you must have a strong grasp of the financial side of your business.

The top reason skilled professionals fail in their entrepreneurial endeavors is because they focus too little on the business side of their business, with no clearly defined strategies or measurable goals.

MCG wants to see you succeed; we want to see you thrive! We help you to develop a competitive business plan and advise you on managing your business and your team to deliver the best possible product.

Training Your Team:

You have a lot to learn to ensure your marijuana start-up is a success. While you must gain the industry expertise required to succeed, your knowledge will do little good, without a trained and dedicated team. We help you to create a training model that will grow with you as your business continues to flourish. The training model will encompass all aspects of managing your business and farming, processing, and distributing your crops.

Patient Education:

Your passion for providing medical marijuana to patients in need is honorable. However, there are still many misconceptions, regarding this semi-legalized alternative treatment. Even those who are supportive may still have questions or concerns or simply require further education, regarding how versatile marijuana is as an alternative treatment.

We will walk you through how to educate everyone from the physicians you work with to your retailers and your patients.

​Location Aѕsessments:


Many factors are in play when it comes to settling on а location for your new cultivation facility. You require a facility that is not only conveniently located, but is a good fit from a business standpoint. Before you invest time analyzing a potential facility, you must ensure it is properly zoned and the landlord is comfortable with the cannabis industry and the renovations you will have to complete to set up your grow and processing center properly.

As a marijuana start-up, you have unique needs in architecture, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, security, and fire schematics. Your Design and Layout must be conducive to efficient systems and streamlined daily operations. Each element is crucial to your success, and a location lacking in even one of these key elements can make or break your new business.



The truth is that your product is at a higher than average risk of theft. This goes beyond burglars and extends to some who you may least suspect, or some you trust the most. This includes current employees, former employees, and contractors.

We help you protect your investment with advising on state-of-the-art surveillance technology and smart security protocols. We also advise on the best ways to keep the location of your facility inconspicuous.



Your members rely on your consistence, and your equipment is essential to the success of your indoor farming. One of the largest investments you will make is in the physical equipment needed to grow your crops indoors and then process and package your crops.

We know which pieces of equipment you can trust over the long-haul. We have quality tested а variety of equipment brands for durability, energy efficiency, and effectiveness. We can also advise on the best equipment for the size and type of crops you will farm.

​Plant Management:

We want to see your crops flourish, which requires implementation of the latest indoor cannabis farming techniques. The good news is that, once you master the art of farming your crops, your crops will be drastically more stable than most other outdoor crops. This also means your crops stand to be more profitable than most!

At Marijuana Consulting Group, we have a list of reputable breeders and extensive knowledge of the various strains available in your market. As with any other plant or herb, marijuana is available in a variety of strains. We can advise in selecting the correct phenotype that will deliver the genetic expressions critical in the development of your cannabis farm.

Once the seeds are purchased,  MCG can provide information to germinate your seeds, determine the sex of each plant, and implement a healthy crop rotation. We will create a detailed timeline for nutrient formulas during vegetative and flower phases. We also assist in implementing best practices for preserving genetic stock cuttings.

We will help you to determine the types of cannabis crops you should consider and can provide proven recipes and scheduling for a variety of growing methods: Organic Sail, Synthetic Hydro, or Coco. Agricultural science is an art form, and we will help you to explore the latest in industry innovations.


 Your goal is to farm consistent, high quality cannabis crops. Timely harvesting is an essential part of farming cannabis. Even with advanced indoor techniques, nature works at its own pace and cannot be rushed. Harvesting your crops too early can negate all of your hard work, and waiting too long to harvest your crops will compromise quality and potency.

Marijuana Consulting Group provides you with in-depth growth management protocols. We educate you on how to maintain a sanitary environment, conducive to growing healthy crops. We educate you on proper trimming techniques and how to identify when flowers are mature and ready for harvest. This goes beyond estimated timeframe to teach you how to determine when it is time to harvest and process your crops.

We help you develop a system to train your team on how to plant, care for, harvest, and process your crops. We advise on crop yields, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), minimizing waste, and some of the most common areas of opportunity when farming each strain of your cannabis crops.

​Processing and Packaging:

 Growing and harvesting your crop is just the beginning. After your crop is harvested, it needs to be properly processed and packaged for distribution to your retail locations. It needs to be packaged in a manner that is hygienic and professional, but that also brands your business and keeps your customers coming back for more. Then you need to distribute your cannabis products.

Your distribution channel comprises of many steps including everything from quality control to compliance with your local codes and regulations. The processing and distribution phase requires cross-department coordination. It requires clear communication and clearly defined protocols and systems. Your throughput must be monitored, measured, and analyzed for areas of opportunity.

We help you to create the infrastructure and protocols required to process your product and get it safely into the hands of your waiting medical marijuana patients.


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