About Us

 Marijuana Consulting Group was founded in 2014 to answer the call of one of America’s fastest-growing emerging industries—the cannabis industry. With medical marijuana now legal in over 20 states, and a growing number of states on the verge of legalizing recreational marijuana, the options for entrepreneurship are endless.

Our goal is to help you Launch, Sustain and Grow your marijuana start-up. We are a team of tenured business consultants who have specialized expertise in cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis Cultivation And Compliance

Along with the average roadblocks every new business faces, growing and selling your own medical marijuana comes with a unique set of challenges. You need to learn the ins and outs of indoor farming; planting, growing, harvesting, and processing your new product. On top of that, you have to maintain full compliance for the strict and ever-evolving regulations and codes within your state and county.

Success Is Never An Accident—Building A Sound Business Plan

Skilled professionals fail in their entrepreneurial endeavors because they focus too little on the business side of their business, with no clearly defined strategies or measurable goals. Whether you are in the early stages of launching your new start-up or need the assistance of a professional cannabis consultant to help you take your new business to the next level, Marijuana Consulting Group will be with you every step of the way.

Your cannabis start-up can succeed, but remember that success is never an accident. We are here to work with you from concept to realization. To alert you of the unique challenges that come with launching a low-THC and medical marijuana business. To help you select the proper location and equipment. To help you to develop systems for planting, growing, and harvesting a quality crop. To advise on branding, packaging, and marketing. To help you connect with your local community, and educate your clients. To develop a competitive business plan, with measurable strategies and goals.

The Cannabis Industry Is Constantly Evolving.

As an emerging industry, the evolution is non-stop. Innovations in farming techniques, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), crop strains, equipment, marketing—and every aspect of selling and farming marijuana are constantly in flux.

MCG wants to see you thrive, to see you peruse your passion for marijuana’s invaluable role as alternative medicine. Contact us today at Two-Zero-Nine 242-9362 to begin developing an action plan for success!