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Growing and harvesting your crop is just the beginning. After your crop is harvested, it needs to be properly processed and packaged for distribution to your retail locations. It needs to be packaged in a manner that is hygienic and professional, but that also brands your business and keeps your customers coming back for more. Then you need to distribute your cannabis products.

Your distribution channel comprises of many steps including everything from quality control to compliance with your local codes and regulations. The processing and distribution phase requires cross-department coordination. It requires clear communication and clearly defined protocols and systems. Your throughput must be monitored, measured, and analyzed for areas of opportunity.

We help you to create the infrastructure and protocols required to process your product and get it safely into the hands of your waiting medical marijuana patients


Yield Analysis

Waste Reduction
Business Coaching
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Growth Strategies

Workflow Procedures
Staff Training and Education
Patient Education
Community Outreach


Complete Organic Grow System
Cultivation Cube

Grow Components
Living Soils

Automated Watering
Retail Solutions
Group Purchasing Discounts for Supplies
Office Supplies